A Streamlined EFB App

Charts for All

OwnNav is one of the only EFBs that lets you get the charts you need without a subscription.

OwnNav is designed for pilots, pilots-in-training, and aviation enthusiasts seeking an accessible and efficient alternative to traditional, full-featured Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs).

With its straightforward interface and essential functionalities, OwnNav makes it easy to focus on what matters most – flying.

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FAA Instrument Procedures
John Wayne Airport Diagram

View and Download Airport Diagrams

Access a wealth of airport diagrams that provide crucial information for taxiing and ground movements, enabling you to better plan your flights and avoid ground navigation errors.

Offline Access to Procedures

Download instrument procedures for offline use.

ILS approach diagram John Wayne Airport
Expired instrument approach

Easily Identify Expired Charts

OwnNav's interface makes it simple to spot and update expired charts, helping to maintain the integrity of your navigational data and ensuring a higher level of safety.